by Hogslayer

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The Goon
The Goon thumbnail
The Goon Heads up Nola, this sludge is legit.
Old Man Doom
Old Man Doom thumbnail
Old Man Doom These pork eating, AK worshiping riff monsters have made one hell of a sludge mess. Laden with riffage that'd give anybody who listens eargasms. This is the kind of music that makes your neighbors wonder what the fuck is wrong with you and your friends to have doubts. Excellent music for making brownies and enjoying afterwords. Favorite track: Nightfall on No Man's Land.
Rjlan (machines of hate)
Rjlan (machines of hate) thumbnail
Rjlan (machines of hate) This album crushes from start to finish. Sludgy and heavy riffs go fantastic with the course gravel like vocals. Every song is intense and never gets boring or old. Fantastic! Favorite track: A Grudge in the Key of Sludge.
John Pipeline
John Pipeline thumbnail
John Pipeline Great music to play while operating a bulldozer



Hogslayer Wales, UK

Sludge // Doom // Noise // United Kingdom

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